Wk. 6 – Photowalk

The walk was very interesting. Iam currently  a 3rd year so unfortunately I had seen and been everywhere she(Maddie) had taken us. It was nice to walk around and see places, like the Japanese Gardens, that I had not been to in a while. My photographs I was looking to capture the walk as a whole. I did not want to take all my photos in one place, but try to capture as much of the campus as possible. Are guide was great. Maddie was super out going and lots of fun. She always checked to make sure the whole group was with her to, which was good. If I had to give advice, my advice would be maybe to talk more about the campus, and give some ‘fun facts’.


wk 5 – Artist Convo. – Kristi Jenson

IMG_0291.JPGArtist: Kristi Jenson

Exhibition: Fuse

Media: Copper

Gallery: CSULB school of Art

Website: N/A

Instagram: Whipperton

Started out as a Sculpture Major. She likes metal art the best because its easy to manipulate. She is in the CSULB school of art. She is an undergrad and has emphasis in Metals and Jewelry. She loves to read and cook and is also married.

The colors were very metallic, with bronze and silver qualities. The textures were very smooth and I thought her art work flowed really well. Since her work was very metallic I thought it also looked very modern.

I didn’t really resonate with this artist. I liked her art a lot because I thought it seemed very unique and different.

Classmate Interview

IMG_0292.JPG Breezy Hastie. She went to Los Alamitos Highschool and played Lacrosse. Her team when undefeated 3 out of the 4 years she played. She is a Fashion Merchandising Major and works at a boutique on 2nd street. She is a 2nd year at CSULB and is a Member of the Delta Gamma sorority. breezyhastie.wordpress.

WK 5 Cuisine

IMG_0300IMG_0299So first I made the second picture. It was suppose to be a crab cake burger and it turned out horribly and tasted worse than it looks. I tried to be different by using crab instead of beef and I wouldn’t suggest it personally. So then I made the top picture and it was much better.Pesto Chicken with Parmesan Pasta.



So I made a mistake and did not write my name in bubble writing but wrote a quote instead. “If you wanna beat me, you’re gunna have to bleed to do it”. Its a quote used by nike as a motto to there employees.