Wk. 7 – Artist conversation-Andrea Williams


Artist: Andrea Williams

Exhibition: Sacrifice

Media: Ceramic, raw clay



About: Born and raised or grew up in riverside county. She is currently an undergraduate student. She used to be in a band and played the drums. Very musical, and music has always been in her family.

Formal: A lot of her art is clay based, but there is also some painting going on to. The art in itself seems sad, but she doesn’t use gloomy colors as if to show hope. Art is very unique and questions religion.

Content: Art is really about religion. Really makes the viewer question religion. Also makes them question art and the same time. Makes you wonder what art really is. She uses sacrifice as her main points within the art as well.

Synthesis: This type of art reminds me of some of my history. This art is gruesome, horrible, and sad but just like history very very real. It makes you question humanity itself it some ways.


classmate interview


My classmate interview is with Daniel Bursch. He actually likes to go by the name of Jackson. Ive known Jackson for actually quite awhile now and met him in the fall. He is a first year informative systems major. He is really into fitness and is a great runner. He is also of european descent and took this class for a GE.

Wk. 7 – Video

We tried to pick a real world topic(bullying) and show how it is unnecessary. Because we were able to use are phones the process was rather easy. We also didn’t need a lot of props or materials. The ending result was better than expected and really got are point across. Next time I might try to make the video longer and practice using some special effects.